Gen Z Parents Will be Prime Marketing Targets in the Next Decade Says Report

The study is part of Ogilvy’s “Secret Lives of Singaporeans” series.

Gen Z Parents Will be Prime Marketing Targets in the Next Decade Says Report

The study is part of Ogilvy’s “Secret Lives of Singaporeans” series.

Between 2020 and 2022, the number of Gen Z parents in Singapore has more than tripled and is continuing to grow, making them an important focus for brands says a new report from Ogilvy Singapore called “Secret Lives of Singaporeans: Gen Z Parents”.

The first of a series that deep dives into the lives of Singaporeans, the research compares Gen Z parents to Gen Z non-parents as well as millennial parents, with “practical recommendations and thought-starters for marketers,” said Ogilvy.

Gen Z parents’ numbers and economic value are set to skyrocket as they become more established in their careers and become prime marketing targets in years to come.


“This makes them arguably a bigger trend to watch than platforms and passing fads,” Ogilvy Singapore said. “Understanding Gen Z parents can help unlock opportunities in marketing to them as parents, individuals and employees, as well as marketing to the people around them.”

Key takeaways

Ogilvy Singapore provided the following highlights from the report.

Life goals and dreams: Gen Z parents are relentlessly pragmatic about the things they find most important in life, a marked shift from the ‘5Cs’ of previous generations. And compared to their peers, they have a heightened sense of care for the environment. But they are surprisingly traditional in their views of family ideals.

Parenting attitudes and behaviours: Compared to previous generations of parents, they have more democratic relationships with their children and are more open to listening to them. They are also far more likely to seek advice from parenting influencers they don’t know, than from people they do know. And while one might think that brand purpose matters to this generation, the reality is their purchase decisions are driven far more strongly by safety than by factors like sustainability and DEI. But some fundamentals, like a strong belief in education, don’t change.


How becoming parents changes gen Zs: Their spending habits become less indulgent and more responsible, a change they are happy to adopt. But they could do with a little help with their social life, self-identity, and career management.

Secret Lives of Singaporeans is also available as a bi-weekly report. To view past issues, please visit here. You can view the Secret Lives of Singaporeans: Gen Z Parents report here.

Featured image by Ketut Subiyanto.


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