G.M. Syntex Unveils New Identity in Collaboration with Yellow

G.M. Syntex, a B2B home textile manufacturer in India, recently revealed its new brand image.

According to a release: “The collaboration marks a pivotal moment for G.M. Syntex, ushering in a new era that pays homage to their roots whilst looking forward.”

Creative agency, Yellow spearheaded the rebranding initiative for G.M. Syntex.


“Having a strong foothold in working with D2C brands, the opportunity to collaborate with a prominent B2B player in the Indian textile industry and redefine their identity was an immensely enriching experience. We’ve attempted to actualise the brand’s dedication to quality by manifesting it in purposeful and tasteful design,” said Shrey Doshi, founder of Yellow.

“The collaboration, which spanned several months, entailed a complete overhaul of G.M. Syntex’s visual identity, the creation of a new, intuitive website, and a captivating film depicting the brand’s state-of-the-art factory.

“As we delved deeper and went through various rounds of conversation with the founders, the clarity regarding the language only grew. Every communication compelled us to explore further and tell their story through a poetic lens. This further translated into the factory film – an extension of the same language but spoken through a different medium.’ said Aditya Tugnait, associate copywriter at Yellow.


The reimagined identity seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, reflecting the brand’s enduring commitment to its heritage while embracing contemporary design sensibilities.

“A refined yet bold wordmark exudes maturity and sincerity, while a playful monogram signifies G.M. Syntex’s commitment to innovation,” said Yellow’s creative strategist Abhinav Pahade of the brand’s logo. “This balance is something we have tried to emulate across varied touch points of the brand for instance, we designed the website to remain graceful through the use of colour, and images, however, be experimental in its composition,” he adds.

The rebranding not only reflects the evolution of the brand but also sets the stage for the brand to continue its journey of excellence in the dynamic world of home textiles.

Chanya Kaur, co-owner of G.M. Syntex added, “We’re quite thrilled with the experience we’ve had with the team at Yellow. The new identity that we’ve built together comes across as minimal on the surface, but it speaks volumes about our core values, vision, and mission. G.M. Syntex has a prominent presence globally, and the revamped branding allows us to only fortify it even further,” she concludes.

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