FWD Thailand Calls on Thais To Live the Life that Will Make Them Smile

    Insurance shouldn't be a worry, it should be a comfort.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Jun 3, 2021
    FWD Thailand Calls on Thais To Live the Life that Will Make Them Smile

    FWD Thailand and Black&White, GREYnJ United Thailand’s sister agency, have teamed up to launch a new campaign preaching the idea of living a happy life.

    Breaking through and connecting with an audience is never an easy thing for an insurance company, yet the 10-minute ‘musicumentary’ does just that. The idea is simple, health and life insurance shouldn’t consume our thoughts, instead, we should aim to live the happiest life we can.

    That means different things for different people. From playing music, to traveling through nature, loving a child, to obsessing over a herd of golden retriever pups, do what makes you smile. Don’t worry, be happy.

    With FWD you can be; you can ignore the negatives and focus on the good stuff. Insurance is necessary, but it shouldn’t exist in the forefront of our mind, it should be a comfort in the background.

    “The combination between music and good storytelling allows the brand message to take center stage of the audiences’ heart effectively. It’s another way to encourage people to nurture a passion for life and empower people to live life to the fullest without hesitation,” said creative director Arnon Kantawang.

    “GREYnJ UNITED via Black&White showed us its expertise in both strategic planning and creative excellence. They truly understand FWD’s initiatives on empowering people to celebrate Living and our vision in changing the way people feel about insurance,” said Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Branding and Communications Officer, FWD Thailand.


    Name: Panjaporn Kruapanichwong
    Brand and Integrated Marketing Communications, Corporate Brand and IMC,

    Agency: GREYnJ UNITED Thailand
    Chairman: Thor Santisiri
    Chief Creative Officer: Jureeporn Thaidumrong
    Chief Executive Officer: Kanaporn Hutcheson
    Chief Operation Officer: Thipayachand Hasdin
    Deputy Chief Creative Officer: Asawin Phanichwatana
    Creative Director: Arnon Kantawang
    Copywriter: Jidapa Udomkittivorakul, Prapassara Anusin
    Art Director: Tanitsara Wunpanich
    Business Director : Sureeporn Kulchotehirun
    Group Account Director: Kanhatai Wongbunditjaroen
    Planning Director: Jongkoch Dusittanakarin
    Head of Production: Kanoksak Kanchanachutha
    Agency Producer: Thanyaporn Damprasert
    Senior Traffic Coordinator: Juthamas Tantated
    Project Manager: Ruangkanjana Aiamrit

    Production Company: underDOC film
    Film Director: Yossawat Sittiwong
    Cinematographer: Kritsada Nakagate, Nottapon Boonprakob

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