From ‘Sharma Ji Ka Beta’ to ‘Sharma Ji Ke Papa’ – AutumnGrey Father’s Day Campaign for Bandhan Mutual Fund

For this year’s Father’s Day, AutumnGrey, a Grey company, flipped the narrative with a heartwarming campaign for Bandhan Mutual Fund.

According to the campaign, fathers have always taught us to be better – to be better at sports, work, school, and everything we do, and through it all, there’s always been one benchmark that almost every Indian kid has been compared to, ‘Sharma ji ka beta’.

However, as times have changed, children have started helping their fathers get smarter and updated. So, who better than *Yes, you guessed it, right* Sharma ji ke papa to learn from?


Based on this as the core insight, the film uses a creative device of role reversal, which results in a fun-filled banter between the daughter and the father that’s bound to make you smile.

“Our campaign for Bandhan Mutual Fund beautifully captures the evolving father-child dynamic and showcases how children are now empowering their fathers, fostering a beautiful exchange of knowledge and strengthening the connection they share,” said Anusha Shetty, chairperson, group CEO, Grey India.

Nishanth Ananthram, Executive Creative Director AutumnGrey, added, “We as an agency are proud to have not only talented creatives within our team but also actors, VO artists and now a director. Anwesha, Akshay, Jane, and Zainab have all been actors, and VO artists, and now Atul has made his debut as a director.


We are famously effective for brands because our talent is effective with ideas, and now they’re becoming famous too.”


Agency Team:
Credits – Agency Team:
Anusha Shetty – Chairperson & CEO, Grey India
Sandipan Bhattacharyya – Managing Director & Chief Creative Officer, Grey India
Entire Team –
Nishanth Ananthram – Executive Creative Director – Copy
Atul Pathak – Creative Director – Copy‬
Jane Sequeira – Assistant Creative Director – Copy
Nishant Sethi – Executive Creative Director, Art
Raviraj Shetty – ‪Senior Vice President, Finance ‬‬‬‬
Chandrakanth Achar – ‪Sr. Manager, Finance ‬‬‬‬
Soumyadeep Ghosh – Sr. Group Head, Animation
Piyush Kumar – Group Head, Animation
Vikrant Singh – Account Director, Client Services


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