Forget Selfies – Adidas India Runs Successful ‘Shoefie’ Campaign

Forget selfies, a successful campaign by Adidas and Wunderman encouraged the fashion-oriented youth of India to instead post “Shoefies” in unexplored parts of their cities.

And it was a hit for the athletic sportswear company as the hashtags #Shoefie and #COURTRIP posted high trends on Twitter.

The concept was simple: Audiences were asked to go into unexplored parts of their cities, and this was given the name ‘COURTRIP’.  Once there they were asked to write about it or post pictures on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #Shoefie. The person with the most unique use of the hashtag was to be given a pair of Adidas’ iconic Stan Smith shoes.


Indrajeet Bose, Executive Creative Director of Wunderman International India explained that, “adidas wanted to leverage its global communication ‘for every court’ and create ripples amongst young trendsetters in urban India.

Wunderman tackled a tricky brief with a simple approach —‘talk to the youth in their own domain and let them speak in their own style.’

shoefie adidas india - branding in asia

“These shoes are an icon of street culture; we wanted an idea that unfolds on the streets and is talked about online. In #COURTRIP and #Shoefie, we managed that seamlessly,” said Deepika Deepti, Head of Sport Style at adidas India.


“The beauty of the idea lay in the fact that the target group were motivated to make a small change in their existing behaviour of shooting and sharing selfies endlessly,” said Bose.  

“Tied to the themes of exploring and breaking out, Shoefie introduced Indian audiences to a street culture where sneakerheads literally let their shoes speak for themselves.”

An online archive of the entire collection of SHoefies was put up on the newly created Tumblr page by Wunderman International India.

The campaign proved a great success over the course of its two weeks with, 5,000 shoefies posted with 25,000 conversation –all with a modest media spend to boot..

Ribhu Singh

Ribhu Singh

Ribhu is a staff writer based in Bangalore. He blogs at

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