For Unhappy Gift Receivers KFC Thailand Introduces the Bucket Basket for Christmas

“Although KFC is not always associated with end-of-year gifting, ‘Basket the Bucket’ changes everything.”


KFC Thailand


Wunderman Thompson Thailand

According to a new campaign from KFC, when it comes to gifting during the festive season in Thailand, it is always an epic battlefield of Festive Hampers or Gifting Baskets. The basket is a symbolic well-wishing and gifting gesture for Thais for as long as history. Workplaces, households, government institutions are flooded with gift baskets every year with most of its contents left unwanted and discarded.

The KFC Bucket is one of the most iconic brand assets in Thailand. What does it have to do with gifting? asks KFC. Nothing…just yet. “If we cannot beat Thai people’s obsession with gifting baskets, why not join them?” Introducing KFC Basket the Bucket.

Partnering with their newly-appointed creative agency, Wunderman Thompson Thailand, KFC Thailand created a limited-edition KFC Bucket Basket, locally sourced and created by local craftsmen, with the basket perfectly fitting the famous KFC bucket inside.


“Taking a global icon like the KFC bucket and infusing it with the locally famous gift basket depicts the richness and beauty of our country’s culture and is a very special project,” said Chief Marketing Officer Suhayl Limbada at KFC Thailand,

“As people return back to celebrating special moments with their loved ones, to be able to incorporate our iconic KFC Bucket as a gift in such a unique way is a perfect ode to our excitement at the prospect of a festive season that is full of cheer and Finger Lickin’ Good moments.”

Park Wannasiri, Chief Creative Officer of Wunderman Thompson Thailand adds: “Although KFC is not always associated with end-of-year gifting, ‘Basket the Bucket’ changes everything. By turning our iconic bucket into a gift basket, a symbol of Thai gifting season, we directly put ourselves into the center of attention this festive season.”


A print segment of the campaign even brings in famous icons from other brands including Burger King and Ronald McDonald.

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