Vitasoy Launches ‘For Me, For You, Vitasoy’ Campaign Via BBDO

“While the settings may be contemporary, the emotions evoked are reminiscent of a comforting embrace from a dear old friend.”

Vitasoy has launched a new campaign that aims to ignite an emotional connection with consumers while reinforcing its commitment to evolving alongside their needs.

Recognizing the ever-changing needs of consumers, the new campaign takes a holistic approach, celebrating Vitasoy’s role in providing not just physical nourishment, but also emotional well-being.

By understanding people’s unique journeys, aspirations, and challenges, Vitasoy aims to be a constant source of reassurance and encouragement, supporting consumers as they navigate their paths and strive to achieve their dreams.


Done in collaboration with creative agency BBDO Greater China, the campaign comes with a new brand slogan “For Me, For You, Vitasoy” (為我 為你 維他奶), a powerful statement that embodies the empathy and communal care that Vitasoy represents. The campaign is available in the Hong Kong and China markets.

It also shines a captivating spotlight on Vitasoy’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the younger generation, aiming to provide them with nutrition and encouragement as they navigate their chosen career paths, fueling their journey along the way.

To amplify the message of support, the campaign features captivating narratives set to the iconic song “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King, paying homage to the beloved Vitasoy Stand By Me campaign in the past.


Within the video ad, Vitasoy is seen as a sign of support, just as it has always supported the community over the decades through great taste and great nutrition.

The narratives explore interpersonal relationships, including a mother and daughter, or between brothers that live together, where one person is facing their chosen path and is encouraged to know the other is right behind them, supporting them.

David Kim, group chief marketing and strategic business development officer of Vitasoy, said, “At Vitasoy, we believe that true care goes beyond just nutrition. Vitasoy’s latest campaign, in partnership with BBDO and renowned director David Tsui, beautifully merges the timeless essence of our iconic brand with fresh innovation.”

This initiative is about celebrating young talents and unwavering support for dreams, which encapsulates Vitasoy’s deep-rooted commitment to cherishing its community and supporting the next generation for a future filled with promise and possibility, he added.

Arthur Tsang, chief creative officer, BBDO Greater China, said, “In an era saturated with formulaic commercials, it is truly invigorating to return to the art of storytelling and craft a brand video that transcends time.”

“While the settings may be contemporary, the emotions evoked are reminiscent of a comforting embrace from a dear old friend. Our aim was to revive the deep emotional connection of a brand that has woven itself into the very fabric of our community,” he added.

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