For Many with Disabilities Life is a ‘Never-Ending Lockdown’

Inclusive Places has launched a 1-minute film titled “Never-Ending Lockdown” to promote the rollout of their new website. Just Global’s Australia office, which previously helped the disability access specialists rebrand from Cheung Access, created the campaign.

The spot effectively communicates the challenges that those with disabilities face every day. Lockdown seems bad? Well, that’s life for a huge number of Australians. For the disabled, some places just aren’t open for business and they never have been. Staying home alone is the status quo.

Inclusive Places is based in Sydney. Led by Christine Cheung, they work with builders, architects, and project managers to ensure both public and private spaces are fully accessible to those living with challenges to their hearing, sight, and mobility.


Just Global’s Australia office has been working with Inclusive Places since 2019. After their name change, they created the company’s brandmark, their stationery, and a video that used poetry to bring to light the issues surrounding accessibility.

The newest film promotes the launch of Inclusive Places’ new website.


“The film was inspired by one of the first conversations we had with Christine,” said James O’Flaherty, Just Global’s Managing Director of APAC. “She spoke about how the sheer difficulty of moving in, around and out spaces can eventually cause a number of disabled people to simply stay at home.”

“All of us have experienced the isolation from our community that lockdown results in,” said Rob Omodiagbe, Just Global’s Executive Creative Director of APAC. “So, it felt pertinent to highlight the ‘lockdown’ many disabled people have suffered and will continue to suffer after lockdown comes to an end for the rest of the population.

“On a personal level, a member of my family is wheelchair-bound and has been affected in the way the film describes.”


Agency: Just Global
Creative Director: Rob Omodiagbe
Art Director: Nick Stone, Rob Omodiagbe
Writer: Rob Omodiagbe
Editor: Nick Stone
Managing Director: James O’Flaherty
Account Manager: Zoe Poxon