For Luzhou Laojiao the Mid-Autumn Festival is All About Family

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Sep 21, 2021
    For Luzhou Laojiao the Mid-Autumn Festival is All About Family

    Chinese liquor brand Luzhou Laojiao has rolled out a new Mid-Autumn Festival-themed campaign in collaboration with F5 Shanghai.

    The family-oriented campaign encourages people to return home and spend time with those who matter most.


    The campaign consists of a TVC, an H5 game, and on-ground posters and in-store displays. The H5 game was created by F5 Shanghai’s tech arm and offers lucky draws and raffles to users, providing an interactive component in marketing the brand’s liquor products.

    The agency launched the H5 platform on Wechat, encouraging users to light up a moon and send well wishes to out-of-town relatives and family members. Sharing wishes with one another during Moon Festival is an age-old tradition in China, so the game effectively allows anyone to join in and share their wishes with family wherever they may be.


    “Coming up with seasonal advertising is not just about differentiating your product, but also triggering emotions. Mounting an H5 game allows the brand to engage directly with their consumers and form relationships with them. Not only does it bring about brand awareness, it is also one way to catch the attention of your audience,” said Adams Fan, CCO of F5 Shanghai.

    “Through technology, we were able to bring the spirit of the festival online – a testament to the fact that the brand takes responsibility for keeping meaningful Chinese traditions alive, thus reaching out to a new generation via digital and social channels using the launch of an H5 game.”


    Client: Luzhou Laojiao
    Agency: F5 Shanghai
    Chief Creative Officer: Adams Fan
    Strategy: Lluvia Chen
    Account Service: Irene Chen
    Art Director: Wei Cai
    Copywriter: Sherry Xue
    Designer: Yuxi Wen; Edward Hu
    Editing Effects Specialist: Potato Zhang

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