Cambodia Daily and Other Media Live on in ‘Fonts for Freedom’ Campaign

Image: Serviceplan

We still live in a world where media organizations are censored or closed and journalists are arrested by governments that want to limit freedom of the press says Reoprters Without Borders.

To highlight this continuing problem, the German arm of the organization launched the “Fonts for Freedom” campaign.

Conceived by Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg, the concept turned the fonts of newspapers into symbols of press freedom, by working with typographers to reconstruct the house fonts of nine newspapers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tanzania, Hungary, and Russia.


Each downloadable font comes with an explanation from Reporters Without Borders about their problems with the government.

Public Protests

The fonts were then given to major German newspapers like Süddeutsche, Die Welt, TAZ, and Augsburger Allgemeine. They used the Fonts for Freedom on their title- and media pages along with matching topics.

Further initiatives followed: Reporters Without Borders Germany launched a striking demonstration against Turkish president Recep Erdoğan, which the campaign describes as . “one of the most notorious enemies of press freedom.”


When he visited Germany in 2018, he was confronted with billboards promoting press freedom as he left Berlin airport – with the headlines set in exactly the fonts of the newspapers he had recently banned.

Image: Fonts for Freedom

“We are very happy to create a platform together with Reporters Without Borders Germany to bring banned newspapers back in the public spotlight,” said Sön Becker and Eduard Hörner, creative directors behind the campaign.

To give the campaign an even wider reach billboards, posters and banners set additional statements for press freedom. All were using the fonts of previously shuttered newspapers.

You can see a case study of the campaign here:

Supporters of the ‘Fonts for Freedom’ campaign can also make their own personal stand for press freedom online by writing their own statement using the free typography downloadable at the Fonts for Freedom website or supporting the charity with donations.

On the website there is a growing permanent archive for fonts of newspapers. Everyone is invited to download or directly use these fonts to spread the message on the streets and on social media.

The ‘Fonts for Freedom’ campaign was a successful statement in support of freedom of press,” said the organization. “The campaign saved banned newspapers from being forgotten and supports journalists worldwide who fight for freedom of the press.”

See and download all of the fonts at the Fonts for Freedom website here.

Campaign Credits

Client: Reporters without Borders Germany
Communications Officer: Daniel Schmidthaeussler
Title: Fonts for Freedom

Serviceplan Campaign Hamburg
Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan: Alexander Schill
Managing Directors: Leif Johannsen, Patrick Matthiensen
Creative Director Art: Soen Becker
Creative Director Copy: Eduard Hoerner
Art Director: Sarah Gstrein
Art Director: Mojca Zavolovsek
Copywriter: Henrik Claus
Account Manager: Lennard Bahr

Digital Agency:
Plan.Net Campaign Munich
Managing Director: Marcus Maczey
Art Director: Tammy Jajes
Account Manager: Marlene Ulmer

Media Agency:
Senior Consultant & Planner: Jonas Binder

Instant Waves, NHB Next, Sehsucht, Neverest
Producer: Katrin Habermann
Sound Design/ Music: Supreme Music
Type Designer: bBox:
Anja Meiners, Ralph du Carrois

PR Agency:
Claudia Rienhoff, Sofia Hiestermann, Lena Marg

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