‘Flying Guardians’ – A Flight Simulator Game to Protect Forests

When users fly over environmentally protected areas of the rainforest, they’ll see images updated throughout the year, enabling them to identify potential incident sites and report their exact coordinates.

According to a recent study by Greenpeace Brasil, revealed that in 2023, illegal mining destroyed the equivalent of 1,409.3 hectares on the lands of the Yanomami, Kayapó and Munduruku peoples – the equivalent of clear-cutting four football pitches per day. The study further adds that approximately 26,400 hectares across these three territories are severely affected by illegal activities.

To shed light on this pressing issue, the organization is launching the game “Flying Guardians”. The project is a mod to a hyper-realistic flight simulator that will leverage satellite imagery from Planet Labs PBC, a provider of data and insights about Earth.

This adaptation aims to allow players to observe real incidents of illegal mining and deforestation in the Amazon, specifically from the Munduruku and Yanomami lands. Updated satellite imagery of the rainforest and contextual information about these lands are among the functions now added to the simulator for awareness.


When users fly over environmentally protected areas of the rainforest, they’ll see images updated throughout the year, enabling them to identify potential incident sites and report their exact coordinates.


“With speed, technology, and adaptability at its core, this initiative bridges the gap between the desire of a new generation to make a difference, the gaming world, and satellite technology,” said Ricardo Guerra, Planet’s director for Latin America.


“By addressing the urgent needs of our changing climate and environment, we’re proud to see Planet leading the charge in innovative projects and supporting Greenpeace in this exceptional endeavor. This initiative is being rolled out in Brazil, and it has huge potential for global expansion.”

“The Munduruku and Yanomami lands have been devastated by wildcat mining. Community members’ lives have been taken, the environment is being desecrated, diseases like malaria are out of control, and the rivers are being poisoned by mercury,” said Jorge Dantas, the spokesperson for Greenpeace Brasil’s Indigenous Peoples sector.

“The technology for constantly updating these maps means that each player can see for themselves the destruction caused by illegal mining in the Amazon. And to help stop that destruction, everyone can pitch in by signing our petition to free the region of wildcat mining, in a move to help Brazilian authorities remove these invaders from Indigenous lands once and for all.”

Customizations to the flight simulator include the addition of Greenpeace planes, which are often used on environmental protection missions. There are also four command towers providing information about geographic coordinates of the Munduruku and Yanomami lands, and a command that allows users to sign Greenpeace’s petition to stop illegal mining in the Amazon – all without leaving the game. Flying Guardians is an initiative by Greenpeace Brasil, created and developed hand in hand with ad agency AlmapBBDO.

“What I love about this idea is that it enhances the user experience by using Planet imagery to deliver updated maps, while also making players aware of such a crucial cause for the Earth, one that we should all be supporting and engaging with. This is a virtual game with the potential to have massive real-world impact,” said AlmapBBDO CCO Marco Giannelli.

Players can also publish images of the alerts on their social media, tagging @GreenpeaceBrasil and using the hashtags #FlyingGuardians and #AmazoniaLivreDeGarimpo.

Download the game and explore the initiative here: flyinguardians.com


Agency: AlmapBBDO


Clients: Greenpeace and Planet Labs PBC

President and CEO: Filipe Bartholomeu

CCOs: Luiz Sanches and Pernil

Executive Creative Directors: Rafael Gil and Rodrigo Almeida

Creative Directors: Deborah Vasques and Eduardo Vares

Creatives: Felipe Paganoti, Igor Pontes, Rafael Reis, and Victor Laars

Special Projects: Julia Newman, Carol Anjos, and Júlia Cunha

AV Production: Diego Villas Bôas, Giuliano Springhetti

PR: AlmapBBDO, HUM Comunicação and Giusti Comunicação

Liaisons: Carol Anjos and Julia Newman

Approval (Greenpeace): Vivian Fasca, Ana Beatriz Siqueira, Luma Guerra, Jorge Oliveira, Amanda Kamancheck, Ana Andrade, Andressa Santa Cruz, Bianca Silva, Giovana Bianchi, Julia Santos,  Nilo Davila, Rickson Figueira and Vinicius Oliveira

Approval (Planet Labs PBC): Marisa Johnson, Lauren Neville, Lina Torres, and Ricardo Guerra

Digital Production:  Lilian Cavallini and Luan Henriques

Technology: Brand Gaming

Head of Development: Rafael Nunes

Senior Developer: João Vitor Machado

Developer: Anderson Pereira Lucas Silva

Graphic Producer: José Roberto Bezerra, Marcos de Souza

Graphic Companies: Focos e Tipograph

Image Production: Vetor Zero

Director: Luiz Alberto Ferreira

Executive Director: Alberto Lopes

Project Director: Márcia Guimarães

Project Managers: Thaís Lopes and Giovanna lucena

Art Director: Luiz Alberto Ferreira

Editor: Pedro Falcone

Motion: Luiz Alberto Ferreira and Bruno Ronzani

Composition Supervisor: Leandro Pena

Post: Livia Portugal

Post-Production Coordinators: Tatiana Caparelli and Lívia Portugal

Team Coordinators: Rosangela Gomes, Ana Mendes, and Nathaly Lopes

Post Assistants: Fabio Augusto, Marcos Tavares, and Isabela Balbo

Audio Post-Production: Alma 11 11 Audio and Bari Filmes

Musical Direction and Production: Diego Raso

Executive Producer: Carla Bräuninger


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