Fishing Debris Will be the Catch of the Day in 2050 Says New Sea Shepherd Campaign

According to a new campaign from Sea Shepherd in collaboration with Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam, if humanity doesn’t stop overfishing, our oceans will soon carry more marine debris, such as fishing nets, than actual fish.

To promote immediate action to save the ocean, they launched “Catch Of The Day 2050”–  a campaign that cleverly displays seafood created by fishing nets found in the North Sea.

The images are not at all appetizing, but that’s exactly the point.


To kick off the campaign, a classic Dutch herring cart has been set up in the center of Amsterdam at Spui. However, instead of fish, locals and tourists will find seafood – such as herring, mackerel, and prawns – made entirely out of fishing nets.

Created by artists from Dutch universities, the collectible artwork depicting sea life is a tangible and alarming visual metaphor for the future. Via the QR codes, passersby can get more information about the project and the threat that overfishing poses to our oceans.      


“Global overfishing and plastic pollution form a serious threat to our ocean and thus to our planet,” said Drs. Geert Vons, Artistic Director Sea Shepherd Global.

“There is a lot of talking, organizing congress’ and writing reports dealing with environmental issues, but to what end? The facts and statistics are clear, but we keep on rationally ignoring them. That’s why we came up with a different approach, direct and in your face, a visual wake-up call.”

To bring the Catch Of The Day 2050 to life, the creative team at Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam approached overfishing, and the tackling of derelict fishing gear, head-on. Artists from ArtEZ University of the Arts and the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven were briefed to recreate sea life typically found in Dutch markets using marine debris.

Ogilvy teamed up with food photography experts, Chuck studios, who photographed the fish as if they looked like real food.

The film was done by production house Tebber Nekkel will produce a short film that follows the journey of a Catch Of The Day in the year 2050. This short film will be released after the live event in Amsterdam.

“Most of us will experience the reality of marine debris impact on ocean life in 2050. So, it was important to us to make the data as visually appealing as possible, promoting immediate action to save our oceans,” said Executive Creative Director, Tolga Büyükdoganay.

About the artists
For the Catch Of The Day 2050 campaign Ogilvy Social.Lab and Sea Shepherd worked together with artists of two Dutch design schools in the Netherlands: Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven and ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle.

“At first the fishing nets seem sturdy and rigid, but after some research it revealed its variety of qualities,” said Evy Cornelissen, 4th year, Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven.

“Working hands-on with the fishing nets made us aware of the impact it has on the ocean. The art result shows we should care for the environment and pay more attention to what is already there.”

“For me, this assignment created awareness for the amount of garbage that is simply dumped into the ocean. It is great that, thanks to this collaboration, we have been able to give the material a second life,” added Salomé Kopong, 1st-year Illustration Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle.

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Agency: Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam
ECD: Tolga Büyükdoğanay
Creative Directors: Alison Hingle, Diego Lauton De Oliveira, Desiree Leiprecht
Art Director: Lorene Faivre
Copywriter: Leanne Dingwall
Social and motion designers: Erwan Elmayan, Lea Thibault
Strategists: Justin Jackson, Twan Wiertz
Film Company: Tebber Nekkel
Film Directors: Blue Ter Burg, Quintin Baker
Photography studio: Chuck Studios
Photographer: Natascha Brandt
Business Lead: Martijn Pots
Account Managers: Inge Arntz, Kelly Geesink
Public Relations: Teresa Dos Santos Serra, Anouk Slot,
Emma Demes

Digital Media Strategy: Ebba Hojman, Mohita Ghosal
Content Management: Isabella Martini Donati
Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven: Evy Cornelissen
Elian Beeker

ArtEZ University of Arts:
ArtEZ teacher Illustration Design: TRIK (Illustrator, cartoonist)
ArtEZ students Illustration Design: Coen Groot
Dion Osté
Femke Rutgers
Hannah Eekhof
Heros de Oliveira Santos
Imme van Zuilekom
Jip Pronk
Joren Boersma
Lloyd Linde
Moos Boeke
Renske Buissant des Amorie Robbin van Nuil
Robin Janmaat
Roos Vonk
Salomé Kopong
Stan van Dijk
Stijn van der Knaap Suzanne Wissink
Tessa van der Klis
Welmoed Boersma
Xem Vermeij
Ghost Diving Pascal van Erp –

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