Fighting Corruption in Malaysia – Rasuah Busters Launches ‘Mak Kata Jangan’ Campaign

In conjunction with International Anti-Corruption Day on December 9, Malaysian anti-corruption NGO #RasuahBusters is launching a nationwide anti-corruption campaign to encourage people to fight graft. The “When Corruption Wins, The Country Loses” campaign aims to save Malaysia up to RM400 billion.

As Rasuah Busters writes on the YouTube page: “We want to make ‘Mak Kata Jangan’ as our resistance routine and habit towards avoiding the taking or giving of bribes. When confronted with possible corruption, we remind ourselves, ‘Mak Kata Jangan’. Additionally, when someone offers or requests a bribe, we can gently remind the other, ‘Mak Kata Jangan’ Together we build a better Malaysia.”

“Malaysia has the dubious honor of being the backdrop for the biggest financial scandal in history,” said Rasuah Busters Project Director, Prof Harmandar Singh.


“We want people to find their moral compass and reject corruption. Earlier in March, Rasuah Busters launched a campaign, ‘Mak Kata Jangan!’ (‘Mom Says No!’) based on the insight that if the fear of corporal punishment is not enough a deterrent, then perhaps the respect for mothers will resonate. The influence of mothers is a universal human truth and this new campaign continues to tap on the power of mom.”

For the campaign, they worked with creative consultant Ted Lim, Directors Think Tank, 2AM Global, and Astro.


“Working in multiracial Malaysia posed a unique challenge,” said Lim .

“We had to show the act of bribery without showing the people involved. The creative concept of ‘Dirty Hands’ which focused on greedy little fingers dancing around the infamous brown envelope allowed us to dramatise corruption without racial profiling. We had to conceptualise and shoot three versions to cover the major ethnic groups in this multiracial country.”



Advertiser: #RasuahBusters
Dato Hussamuddin Yaccub

Project Director: #RasuahBusters
Prof Harmandar Singh

Creative Consultant: Ted Lim

Production House: Directors Think Tank
Naoto Mitake (Director)
Intan Sham & Suraya Liza (Producers)

Audio Production: 2AM Global
Anton Morgan (Founder)
Oliver Stutz (Executive Creative Director)
Music: “Apa Dah Jadi?”
Tan Sri Dato’ S.M. Salim (Singer/Songwriter)