Fck The Cupcakes Calls on Men to ‘Show Up’ in International Women’s Day Campaign

“We needed a way to directly tell men – in no uncertain terms – that they are invited to any event being put on by their organization this IWD.”


Fck the Cupcakes



Creative agency Innocean has collaborated with Fck the Cupcakes (FTC), for the launch of the gender equality organization’s latest campaign platform aimed at getting more men to ‘show up’, lean in, and listen on March 8 –  International Women’s Day.

The ‘Show up for Equality’ platform launched with a social teaser dubbed “Invi-Tate-ion”, utilizing an editing technique, taking the words of Andrew Tate and turning them into an invitation for men to show up,  disarming him and his negative words and turning it into an inclusive message.

“The responses we received over the past week after posting the video on selected social media channels was incredible. Overnight our inboxes and feeds were filled with messages from both women and men telling us how much they loved it,”  FTC Founder and Innocean CEO, Jasmin Bedir, says.


With one week to go until International Women’s Day, the next stage is an out-of-home, digital and social campaign called “Unsolicited Invites” that asks Australians to actively invite men to attend IWD events, the organization said.

In addition, the campaign hub ShowupforIWD.com.au contains all the information to get Australia’s ‘good guys’ inspired into action. There is even a brutally honest FAQ section and other helpful links for those that are still a bit anxious about attending.

“We needed a way to directly tell men – in no uncertain terms – that they are invited to any event being put on by their organization this IWD,” said Wez Hawes, Executive Creative Director at Innocean.


“The not-so-subtle dick-pic inspired  ‘Unsolicited Invites’ and Invi-Tate-ion are just some of the many ways we’re telling men that they are welcome and that this day is for them too.”

The campaign cites a World Economic Forum study that found women are two times as likely to work on a DE&I initiative as men, but it rarely gets acknowledged in performance reviews and is mostly taken for granted. The vast majority of men still aren’t actively involved in equality initiatives. International Women’s Day is seen as a “women’s event”, that men are largely detached from.

Bedir addes: “In the absence of official data, we estimate that male attendance is no higher than 5-10% for actual events, and after an AI analysis of IWD posts or mentions of IWD on LinkedIn, only 17% come from men. On top of it all it’s largely on women to organise the day.”

Hawes adds: “Anecdotally, what we hear most often is that men aren’t showing up because they don’t think International Women’s Day is meant for them. Some think they wouldn’t be welcome, others are too scared to get involved, but the majority of men we talk to have never even considered attending an event and will happily steal a cupcake, before sloping off back to their desks. I used to do this, don’t worry! The truth is, we need men to be engaged; otherwise we will never move the needle on gender equality.”


Client: Fck The CupcakesCreative Agency: Innocean Australia
CEO: Jasmin Bedir
ECD: Wesley Hawes
CD: Effie Kacopieros
Copywriter: Georgie Parchert
Art Director: Lachlan Rotherham
Business Director: Carly Pelham
Account Manager: Alex Hopkins
Head of Digital: Matt Morgan
Head of Content: Martin Hong
CSO: Gual Barwell
Strategist: Eliza Millett
Head of Production: Esmé Fisher
Producer: Brittany Mirabitur
Head of Design: Michael Macgregor
Designer: Damien Tavella
Editor: Dave Anlezark


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