FCB Ulka launches Bushfire for Startups under the Motto Create Epic Shit, Without Bullshit

FCB Ulka has launched their highly-hybridized service Bushfire, a one-stop shop for start-ups in India. With the emergence of start-ups, there cropped up the need for a specialized agency model to comply with their needs. Since these set- ups require select services, the need to break the conventional organization structures complimented with agility formed the premise of the prototype – Bushfire. epic shit. without bullshit.

Bushfire is new kind of marketing and communications agency that is equipped to provide start-ups with all the services they would require in a menu format. It’s as simple as ordering food, off the menu! The model of typical start-ups defies structure and to serve the start-ups best, so do we! The Bushfire team includes handpicked multi-talented professionals who approach the task with fluidity- serving the need of the hour; to flit in and out of multiple diverse tasks seamlessly, across departments ranging from art, crafting, planning, filmmaking and execution without the conventional shackles of three vendor quotes or the likes akin the ‘Shapeshifters’.

“Startups are looking for ways to prove traction to investors and are generally operating on borrowed capital with a short runway – time is always of the essence and results are imperative for their survival. They are looking for an agency with a different mindset,” said Rohit Ohri, Group Chairman and CEO of FCB India.


“At Bushfire, we’re creating a ‘maker movement’. We’ve built a team with a ‘maker’ mindset – deeply hybridized and capable of partnering start-ups in the building of a product or service, a business and a brand. And when you add speed and great ROI to that, you have a truly unbeatable proposition” Ohri added.

Surjo Dutt, NCD, FCB Ulka, doubles up as the NCD for Bushfire and will be closely working with Romit Nair, Creative Head, Bushfire. In his role, Romit Nair will report to Surjo Dutt.

Bushfire’s CRM division which continues to be managed by Satish Ramachandran.

“While the re-energised and rebooted FCB ULKA charges forward with its agenda for clutter breaking, market moving work on its massive brands, the need for another offering with a different set of objectives and offerings has become more and more apparent,” said Surjo Dutt, National Creative Director, FCB Ulka and Bushfire. “Which is why Bushfire. A small, agile, multi-skilled and deeply hybridized team of creative strategists, put together to partner startups primarily and clients looking for mould-breaking solutions as projects, secondarily.”


He added, “A team of writers, art directors, audiovisual content creators and creative strategists who think, create and produce EPIC brand solutions tailored specifically to startup and project needs. Bushfire is lean, mean, hungry and game ready. With fire in our bellies and passion in our pens, we want to create epic shit, without bullshit.”

The operations for Bushfire are running full throttle with some recent business and project wins.

Photo caption Team Bushfire: (L-R) Pradeep Saini, Garima Chandelkar, Disha Bhattacharya, Romit Nair, Noor Mohd. Sana, Surjo Dutt and Rohit Ohri.

Ribhu Singh

Ribhu Singh

Ribhu is a staff writer based in Bangalore. He blogs at ribhu.live

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