FCB Seoul Creates a Film of Sight and Sound for Ritz Crackers in Korea

Using Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) sound design technique, FCB Seoul has created a cool new spot for Mondelez/Dong Suh Foods Corp. for their Ritz Crackers brand in South Korea.

ASMR refers to a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down to the spine and the base of neck. It is commonly triggered by specific acoustic and visual stimuli.

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The spot was created in collaboration with renowned sound studio Dr. Hook and The Headliners production company. The campaign is aimed at highlighting the crispy crunch of the Ritz Crackers.

Check it out.

Whether you felt a tingle or not, the spot is a great watch and a great listen with it’s bright colors and meticulously put together audio track.


According to the release:

The film uses ASMR sound recording and mixing technology by dramatising the depth of sound levels. Sounds that would have otherwise been excluded in commercial film making, such as the fricative sound of the package, whispering, the crispy chewing of the cracker, and even the dropping of cracker crumbs on the table, were carefully planned and placed depending on the action of the model and the camera movement in the film.

“Instead of simply mentioning ‘crispiness’ in the ad, we wanted to allow people to experience it. With the use of ASMR and sounds from the product, the film stays true to the essence of cracker, whilst standing out amongst noisy and loud snack ads in Korea today” says FCB Seoul’s executive creative director Taejay Lee. The campaign film directed by Jay Jun will be supported with a 360° communication strategy across online, social media, cinema, TV, and POS.

Client: Mondelez / Dong Suh Foods Corp.
Advertising Agency: FCB Seoul
Country: South Korea
Executive Creative Director: Taejay Lee
Creative Director: Fachrulrizal Anang
Art Director: Eunhea Kim
Copywriter: Seonghyeong Lee
Business Director: Jerry Yoon
Account Manager: Henry Lim
Account Executive: Cindy Lee
Production: The Headliners Director: Jay Jun
Executive Producer: Kimi Kim
Planner: Yodha Giwangkara
Producer: Sungmin Kim
Assistant Director: Julia Park
DOP: Chando Jung
Sound Design: Dr. Hook
Sound Director: Youngmoon Yoon


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