Fatal Recognition: App Uses Facial Recognition to Detect Strokes

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Jun 5, 2019
    Fatal Recognition: App Uses Facial Recognition to Detect Strokes

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), someone is experiencing a stroke every two seconds around the world. Annually, it takes 6 million lives; and the majority of survivors are left to deal with life-long debilitating side effects.

    It is also one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide, affecting mostly low-to-middle income countries due to their lack of health care programs, or the prohibitive cost of health insurance. Cheil Hong Kong (CHK), along with the Hong Kong Stroke Society, aims to change that.

    On average, a person unlocks their phone 120 times a day. By using the face recognition feature of your phone, Cheil Hong Kong has developed an application which can help detect early signs of stroke unrecognizable by the naked eye.


    Fatal Recognition can detect the minute changes in your facial features that signal a stroke. If necessary, it will alert you to call emergency services and contact your preset person of choice. Though face drooping is one of the most common signs of a stroke, it is not always immediately identified due to the varying severity of each case. This delays the required medical attention and could potentially be fatal.

    But through modern science and technology, a stroke that can possibly kill you, can be prevented through early detection simply by using your phone.


    Advertising Agency: Cheil Hong Kong
    Creative Directors: Paul Chan, Wilson Ang
    Art Directors: Max Fung, Edmond Leung, Sam Chow, Matthew Yuen, Cherry Lo
    Copywriter: Molly Man
    Account Director: Denise Chan


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