FairPrice Introduces Us to the Five Types of Christmas Shoppers

    By The Staff - Nov 27, 2020
    FairPrice Introduces Us to the Five Types of Christmas Shoppers

    Supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice launched a new Christmas-themed campaign called “A FairPrice Christmas Made in Singapore” featuring the cast from YouTube channel Wah!Banana. The campaign was developed by Havas Media in conjunction with Iris Worldwide.

    The light-hearted 5-minute film brings to life five types of Christmas shoppers running around during a shopping spree to prepare for their holiday dinner. They don’t do everything right, but in the end, it’s all about friendship. Well, apparently friendship and a supermarket that has everything you need for a Christmas dinner.

    “We were hyped with the collaboration because both FairPrice and Wah!Banana are local brands and we had an opportunity to celebrate Christmas the local way!” added Lingyi Xiong, Producer, Wah!Banana.

    The campaign’s five personas are:

    • “The Merry Maker” played by Thomas Kopankiewicz (@heythomask) as that friend who brings the magic of Christmas to every party
    • “The Classy Buddy” played by Eugena Bey (@itzeugena) as the friend who’s only into the finest classic Christmas spreads
    • “The Easygoing Pal” played by Das (@dasdyl) as the laid back dude who makes all the merry with none of the fuss
    • “The Super Local” played by Umehara Keiji (@umeandhara) who always goes local
    • “The Trends Guru” played by Xenia Tan (@hotcheekylace) the social media savvy friend who’s always on the cutting edge

    The video has garnered over 130k views since it was released last week.

    “Shopping for Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the festive season and as such, it was the perfect moment to showcase all the unique services that FairPrice has to offer,” said Lynn Chong, Deputy Director, Channel Marketing (Retail Business), FairPrice Group. “This redefines the supermarket experience and also demonstrates our unrelenting commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.”

    The cast was also featured in above-the-line materials, including social, programmatic, display, video, and bus shelter panels. To further engage audiences, interactive Instagram filters, quizzes, and a Spotify playlist were also created for users to discover which persona they belong to.

    “The Christmas period is one of the busiest times of the year for a supermarket and to cut through the noise we were keen to showcase FairPrice’s diverse offering in a quintessentially local and entertaining manner that would resonate with shoppers,” said Angela Lee, Associate Director and Account Lead for FairPrice. “The launch film is indeed striking a fun chord with consumers, going by rising views, and we hope it continues to bring smiles to end a rather tough year.”



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