Facebook’s Ad Creation Slideshow Shows Promise for Emerging Markets

Facebook has launched a new ad production service called Slideshow that allows marketers to choose from a library of millions of Shutterstock images to easily create their own video ads.

“Slideshow is both a video creation tool and a new ad format which helps advertisers tell brand stories in emerging and high-growth countries plus can be used by small businesses who do not have the resources to create videos,” Facebook said.

One advantage is that the ads are made up of a series of stills rather than video, thus allowing for smaller file size. This gives advertisers the opportunity to reach more people regardless of the user’s connection speed.


According to Facebook a 15-second slide show advertisement can be as much as five times smaller in filesize than a video of the same length.

Facebook Ad Service Slideshow

Facebook’s looks at Slideshow as a platform that “helps advertisers tell brand stories in emerging and high-growth countries plus can be used by small businesses who do not have the resources to create videos.”


Useful for slow connection speeds

The company is using Coca-Cola as an example of a successful use of the platform in Africa for the new season of the show Coke Studio Africa.

The service was a perfect fit for Africa, where the majority of people within their target audience have slow connections or features phones.

“The results were encouraging,” said a Facebook release. “They reached 2 million people—twice their goal—and raised ad awareness by 10 points in Kenya.

“We are pleased with how the Facebook slideshow campaign performed across our key markets in Africa, particularly in Nigeria and Kenya,” said Ahmed Rady, Kenya, and Coca-Cola central, east and west Africa marketing director.

“We recognize that our consumers may have constraints when accessing video content, hence the slideshow option by Facebook is spot-on in enabling us to still deliver impactful and quality content. As such, we are excited to use the slideshow feature to deliver high-quality content from Coke Studio Africa to our consumers on the continent.

Emerging markets product lead Kelly MacLean said during a press briefing that those markets make up 85 percent of the world’s population, with 90 percent of those people under the age of 30, emphasizing how Slideshow could be a boon for marketers trying to reach consumers with slow connection speeds.

“The next billion” was a common theme throughout a press briefing, and Chief product officer Chris Cox said one-third of those in the next billion will come from India –where most users are on slower 2G connections.

Cox also spoke of “breaking down barriers for the next group of people to use Facebook,” adding that “the people we’re building this for look less and less like us,” and stressing the “completely different level of discipline and commitment” required to serve those users.

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