Facebook Says That it May Start Hiding Likes on Posts

Facebook has said that it might start testing whether it should begin hiding like counts on its platform. The social media giant confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s considering a test run, but that the test hasn’t started running yet.

The confirmation comes after app researcher Jane Manchun Wong found code inside Facebook’s Android app that hides the amount of likes on a post from everyone but the user who posted the content. Users would just see some reaction emoji and that it was liked by “[a friend] and others” instead of a specific number of other people.

According to TechCrunch, the idea centers around preventing users from “destructively comparing themselves to others and possibly feeling inadequate” for a lack of Likes. It could also discourage people from deleting posts they feel aren’t getting enough Likes.


Instagram is already testing this in seven countries including Canada and Brazil, showing a post’s audience just a few names of mutual friends who’ve Liked it rather than the total number of Likes.