Facebook Rolls Out Political Ad Verification Tool Globally

Facebook has said it will roll out transparency tools for political ads globally. Starting this week, ads on Facebook concerning social issues, elections or politics appearing in 140 countries and territories will now have a “paid for by” disclaimer and remain in Facebook’s Ad Library archive for seven years.

Facebook said it’s “expanding proactive enforcement” beyond the current 50 available countries – this coming with elections or regulations on tap for Ukraine, Singapore, Canada, and Argentina.

Over on Facebook’s blog Sarah Schiff, Product Manager wrote:


“As part of the authorization process for advertisers, we confirm their ID and allow them to disclose who is responsible for the ad, which will appear on the ad itself. The ad and “Paid for by” disclaimer are placed in the Ad Library for seven years, along with more information such as range of spend and impressions, as well as demographics of who saw it.”

Facebook added that it will react and remove content, but advertisers must first become familiar with the electoral regulations of each country they operate in.

“In all cases, it will be up to the advertiser to comply with any applicable electoral or advertising laws and regulations in the countries they want to run ads in,” said Schiff. “If we are made aware of an ad that is in violation of a law, we will act quickly to remove it. With these tools, regulators are now better positioned to consider how to protect elections with sensible regulations, which they are uniquely suited to do.”