Facebook Makes Search Ads Available to All Advertisers

Following nearly a year of testing ads in News Feed and Marketplace search results, Facebook is rolling out search ad placement to all advertisers it announced in a blog post.

The ads will appear in results for product or services related search terms such as those for products connected to the e-commerce. Search ad placement is currently available on mobile only.


“The ads are designed to fit the experience on the given search results surface (Marketplace search or general search).” said Facebook, adding that “They look similar to News Feed ads and have the same transparency and controls, including a “Sponsored” label so it’s clearly marked as paid placement.”

Facebook said that advertisers can manually select the placement when setting up a campaign and that ads will be eligible to appear on search result pages which include general search and Marketplace search.

Facebook’s search opens up more ad placement spots for more advertisers giving them greater access to users who are searching for their product or service on the platform.


For advertisers, search ads will be set up by default if they opt for automatic placement. If advertisers don’t want their ads to appear in search results they will have to manually deselect this option.

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