Unique Facebook Game Teaches Safe Sex as Part of World Aids Day Campaign

On World AIDS Day, Dentsu Webchutney has partnered with ScoopWhoop to send the message of practicing safe sex in a new and innovative way with a mobile game created for Facebook that is controlled by the charging cable of the mobile phone.

The game is called ‘What’s Your Score?’ and has been presented one that everyone should win. Users are tasked with catching fruit through a fork, with each user getting 60 seconds.

According to the brand, The Fork is controlled by the charging cable of the phone with users plugging it into a power source to catch the fruit. They then have to pull the plug out and plug it in again more to catch a new fruit.


The gist, according to a release: “The catch is that if users score more they lose rather than winning. This happens because users plugged into multiple power sources thereby highlighting the fact that multiple partners can result in AIDS.”


“Youngsters don’t want to be preached on anything. Safe sex is also a topic that most people are not comfortable with,” said Sudesh Samaria, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Dentsu Webchutney.” But it is most important and relevant than ever. We gamified the same and showed people that they lose when they have multiple partners.”

We haven’t had a chance to try it to see how well it works, you can visit ScoopWhoop for more info.

Credits –

Sudesh Samaria: Chief Creative Officer
Gurbaksh Singh: Chief Creative Technologist
Vishal Sagar: Creative Director
Rakesh Bairwa: Director Production
Rahul Sharma: Sr. Lead Developer
Hemant Kumar: Associate Creative Director
Manjeet Singh: Creative Director
Kavita Gupta: Sr. Art Director

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