Facebook Chat Bots to Have Multiple Personas for Brands to Interact with Consumers

Image: Facebook

Of the several updated Facebook announced for its Messenger bots going into the weekend, perhaps one of the more interesting is that the bots will now start expressing themselves through multiple personalities.

Not the bad kind, but you know, the kind that will allow developers of Messenger to assign different personalities for different use cases when brands interact with consumers.

The current version allows one persona to be used by a Messenger bot at one time, with the personas’ icons and names being fully customizable.


As product marketing manager David Cohen noted in a Facebook blog post announcing the updates:

“Sometimes, like when your bot switches between automation and a live agent, a single representation of your bot isn’t enough. The new Persona API, now in open beta, allows developers to introduce “personas” into their Messenger experiences, making it easy to switch the in-thread user icon and display name for your bot on the fly.”

Other Announcements

Facebook additionally announced that it has made easier to integrate its customer chat plugin into WordPress sites.

The company has also lifted restrictions on Messenger bots that use message tags outside of the one message per 24-hours limit that allowed only the use of generic templates.


“We hope this opens up new possibilities for how you send non-promotional messages via tags,” said Cohen. “Please note that all messages must continue to adhere to the specific use cases allowed for each tag and follow all relevant Messenger Platform policies.”

Facebook additionally reminded developers about permission changes to send non-promotional content as subscription messages from application-level to page-level back.

“Subscription messages enable a business or developer the ability to send such messages outside of the 24+1 policy,” said Cohen adding that users should “remember that if your bot was granted permission at the app level, you must request and be approved for the new Page-level permission by December 31, 2018.”


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