Even Heroes Need Proper Rest Says Campaign Appreciating Shippers from Ru9 in Vietnam

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Last year, Vietnam went through a four-month lockdown period amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time frontline healthcare workers were key in helping the country get through the difficult period. Shippers, who made deliveries to people who were stuck at home were also crucial throughout the lockdown, assuring that crucial supplies, such as food, and other necessities were available while entire cities were under strict stay-at-home orders.

As a show of appreciation Ru9, a sleep company founded in Vietnam, partnered with creative consultancy Happiness Saigon, an FCB alliance, to innovate and launch a campaign built off of local insights for a unique product trial that gives something back to those that supported the community during the lockdown. Highlighting that even heroes need a proper rest.

As they wrote on their YouTube page: “As a sleep company, Ru9 wanted to make these short naps of the shippers more comfortable. Working with master craftsmen they turned their high-quality foam mattresses into an upgraded seat for the shipper’s bike, to make them more comfortable, soft and supportive – and provide these shippers with a better nap, no matter where they decide to take it one.”


“It was an intuitive leap, as a disruptive mattress brand they were perfectly positioned to tap into this local behavior and create something unique and meaningful,” said Jazz Tonna, creative partner at Happiness Saigon

“To shippers, a motorbike is essential. They even spend more time on bike seats than on the bed at home. Therefore, we wanted to use our expertise to upgrade their bike seats, in order to make sure they can have a better rest amongst the nonstop rides,” added Trang Dang, CEO of Ru9.


During the “Thank you Shippers” campaign, Ru9 will randomly choose 50 shippers to upgrade their motorbike seats, and 50 more lucky shippers will receive free foam mattresses in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, every shipper nationwide can get any Ru9’s products with a nice discount.

“The best things in life are often felt with the heart,” said Dang.

“We are so happy because we can contribute a small part as a give-back to the community. Continuing from our previous activities to support medical frontline workers’ sleep, this time we want to show our appreciation to shippers because even heroes need proper rest.”

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