Eunice Loh Appointed Head of Precision, Wavemaker Asia-Pacific

    By The Staff - Nov 30, 2020
    Eunice Loh Appointed Head of Precision, Wavemaker Asia-Pacific

    Eunice Loh has been promoted to Head of Precision at Wavemaker for the APAC region. In her new role, she will be responsible for driving transformative precision and tech practices for clients and Wavemaker. Loh is also responsible for the Precision pillar of the agency’s new way of working, Provocative Planning. She has successfully launched its adoption across the markets in Asia-Pacific.

    She was previously Digital & Platforms Director, Wavemaker South East Asia.

    Wavemaker’s Precision covers Data & Tech Strategy, Audience Sciences, Digital Excellence, and Measurement & Analytics, to power brands and acquisitions alike. The company’s teams will marshal the data that finds the right audience and creates the right impact at every stage of a brand’s purchase journey. The solutions are built upon Wavemaker’s ability to unlock growth through a consultant grade consumer experience digital audit.

    “On top of her various accolades, Eunice is also a focus-driven trainer in the industry as well as, the youngest, Asian-female representative on Wavemaker’s precision & tech global committee,” said Rose Huskey, CEO, Wavemaker South East Asia. “Her dedication to mentorship is also unwavering; this promotion is extremely well-deserved.”

    The Precision practice is part of Wavemaker’s Consultancy Hub that combines experts within the areas of data, analytics, content, commerce, technology, and precision into one single unit designed to operate holistically and further lead and deliver within each area.

    “This is a great time for Asia-Pacific where we are seeing unprecedented growth and strong appetite from clients to accelerate precision readiness for their business,” said Loh. “I am thankful for the opportunity from Wavemaker to lead this transformation and eager to provoke growth for our clients and ourselves in the coming years.”


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