Ethical Nutrients Launches Beautifully Shot “Live Life Resilient”

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Apr 28, 2021
    Ethical Nutrients Launches Beautifully Shot “Live Life Resilient”

    Ethical Nutrients has rolled out a new campaign featuring a choir of women singing “My Way.” The black and white spot was launched in collaboration with Brainheat and Friends & Allies.

    The ad features a range of women all at various different points in their very different lives celebrating their strengths. While the connection to the actual product is a bit lacking, the real beauty of the piece is in the filmmaking.

    In what appears to be one long sweeping and spinning shot reminiscent of Birdman, the camera latches onto a different hero every few seconds and follows through the set before finding another.

    “It really does have everything that makes my heart sing: an epic track with a killer concept at its core, the opportunity for stunning visuals, and a vehicle to get badass women onscreen in an undeniably positive, life-affirming way,” said Director Kyra Bartley of FINCH.


    Client: Metagenics Australia Pty Ltd
    Head of Marketing: Brett Ballantine
    Marketing Manager: Alissa Moes
    Brand Manager: Sarah Sparks
    Assistant Brand Manager: Alejandra Uribe

    Consumer Insights/Strategic Planning: The New Spin in collaboration with Friends & Allies
    Market Research & Strategy: Rebecca Miller, The New Spin
    Strategic Planning: Katie Peacock, Friends & Allies

    Creative Agency: Brainheart in collaboration with Friends & Allies
    Chief Creative Officer /Copywriter: Rem Bruijn, Brainheart
    Chief Creative Officer / Creative Partner: Christy Peacock, Friends & Allies
    Executive Producer: Katrine Bowman, Agent K Creative + Production

    Production Company: FINCH
    Director: Kyra Bartley
    Producer: AnnaTara Clark-Sneddon/Taryn Sullivan
    DoP: Campbell Brown
    Casting: Ben Parkinson Casting
    Post House: Cutting Edge
    Producer: Trelise Blade
    Editor: Felicity Kranz
    Online: Steve Leacey
    Grade: Fergus Rotherham
    Music/Sound production: Humjockey
    Composer: Mark McDuff
    Engineer: Geoff McGahan
    Photographer: Christopher Ferguson
    Product Photographer: Alex Buckingham

    Media Agency: IKON Communications
    Client Service Director: Kate Lippett
    Communications Manager: Eddy Mihatov
    Communication Planner: Cristina Ferrigno
    Performance Manager: Johnathan Lau
    Trading Manager: Brady Lyon

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