Esculab Medical Laboratory and Bickerstaff.799 Campaign Asks you to Look Inside Yourself

Esculab Medical Laboratory and the creative agency Bickerstaff.799 have rebranded the network of medical laboratories and launched the “Look Inside Yourself” campaign to highlight how regular medical check-ups help people understand themselves better.

The Bickerstaff.799 team developed about 80 materials for Esculab’s rebranding, including social media marketing, key visuals, videos, and all the accompanying design materials. According to the agency, while this could have been done manually: searching for bacteria, and backgrounds, it would have been possible to refine this process into a working scheme and create one visual every day or two. In just the first month of the design system’s existence, based on the Stable Diffusion and TouchDesigner programs, the agency said that it managed to save 1,840 hours or 2.5 months of work.

“We took 80 materials and multiplied by 24 hours, subtracting the conditional 80 hours that we spent on this (since it takes us one hour to create a new material). This resulted in 1,840 hours of saved time thanks to the efficient workflow,” Bickerstaff.799 said in a release.


Utilizing AI (Stable Diffusion model) the agency created “micro” versions for all the visuals used in the campaign, placing them inside Esculab logo-shaped lens. Then, through procedurally generated geometric patterns (TouchDesigner) macro and micro worlds were linked together to show how they influence one another.

“TouchDesigner greatly simplified the work, since if we had done it manually in, say, Adobe After Effects, it would have taken much more time,” said motion designer Elizabeth Bilohub.

“In TouchDesigner, you can create the animation in 5–10 minutes (with a ready-made template). Manually… I don’t even know, maybe 5–6 hours? And there’s also the point that ‘Touch’ traces these lines in the video, making it look much more interesting than if we had done it manually.”


Graphic Designer Liza Popova added that without the help of AI, constantly drawing realistic bacteria and animating these micro-worlds would have been almost impossible.

“With generative graphics, everything is much simpler, since you’re working with already configured code,” said Popova.

“You can just input a video, and it immediately creates beauty for you. Manually, again, it would have been mega-complicated and time-consuming to draw everything. Yes, we had to spend some time getting to grips with TouchDesigner and making it work, making it respond to movements in the video, and ensuring that the text moved along with the lines, but the result is worth it.”


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