Erste Christmas Ad Paints a Dark Tale With a Mostly Happy Ending


Erste Bank


Jung von Matt/Donau

Erste’s Christmas ad, created by Jung von Matt/Donau paints the dark tale of a Grinch-like villain who wants to ruin Christmas by cutting off all the power in a snow-covered village.

If you’re looking for a happy ending where the bad guy goes on to find the goodness in his heart, you will only end up getting half of what you hoped for. But it’s more about the enduring light of hope than curing a crazy curmudgeon.

“This year’s advert addresses all of us and the many challenges we are facing as a society right now,” said Mario Stadler, head of group brand management and communications at Erste Group.


“In times of need, strong communities are the ones in which people help each other out. That’s what we want to show in #believeinchristmas. Coming closer together; that’s what Christmas is really about.”

Werner Singer, Jung von Matt creative director and managing partner, added, “In this year’s advert, the holidays aren’t marked by candles gently burning on a Christmas tree or about the comfort of a steaming heater. Yes, the energy crisis has hit us all in #believeinchristmas. But the advert reminds us of what the real focus of this Christmas must be: a celebration of love. Believe in Christmas is a more important message than ever.”

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Client: Erste Bank
Head of Group Brand Management: Mario Stadler
Advisor: Martin Radjaby-Rasset
Group Brand Management: Daniel Ratzenböck & Juraj Flimel

Agency: Jung von Matt/Donau
Creative Directors: Werner Singer & Gerd Schulte Döinghaus
Copywriter: David Schneider
Art Director: Gerd Schulte Döinghaus
Client Service Director: Katharina Höller
Senior Project Manager: Anamarija Stojic

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