Environmentalism Not Your Thing? How About Saving the Planet so You Can Save Beer?

Beer brand  XXXX has launched a new campaign pleading with beer lovers to pitch in and save the planet because if crops die, hops die, and if hops die, beers die.

In short, the end of the world would lead to the end of beer.  Of course, the paradoxical chasm into which one could fall whilst saddling up at the local pub pondering the world ending and no one being here to drink actually drink the beer, well…

At any rate, what other inspiration do you require? Do it for beer.


In a playful, darkly humorous one-minute spot created by Thinkerbell, we see a beer lover on the beach, bemoaning a possible dystopian future without beer in an effort to rally Australians into action and to give a XXXX about the environment.

“The platform is a call to arms for beer drinkers to give a XXXX about the things that matter most to them,” said Lion’s chief marketing officer, Anubha Sahasrabuddhe.


“The idea is about embracing the growing importance and recognition of what the XXXX matters, which shows through conscious effort, people reap the rewards of a good life and things that matter to them the most across the country.”

The new work is supported by a range of out-of-home and digital executions across Queensland and regional New South Wales, highlighting the brand’s latest Give a XXXX positioning.

Thinkerbell’s national chief creative Jim Ingram added: “As an iconic Australian brand, XXXX has a role to play in encouraging Queenslanders to care about the things they give a XXXX about – and giving a XXXX can be about anything, the community, your mates or in this case the end of the world, and therefore… the end of beer.”

The campaign is supported by a multi-channel national campaign running across TV, outdoor and digital channels.



Client: Lion
Creative Agency: Thinkerbell
Production Company: FINCH
Director: The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide
Managing Director: Corey Esse
Head of Production: Claire Thompson
Producer: Alex Taussig

The Editors
Big Sync

Media Agency: UM