Thai Food with Less Grease with the AbsorbPlate by BBDO Bangkok

Absorb Plate Thai Food - Branding in Asia Magazine
BBDO Bangkok Absorb Plate

Thai food. Come on, who doesn’t love it? That being said, it can be a bit on the greasy side –perhaps that’s why Thais have the second highest rate of obesity in Southeast Asia.

So, how can you reduce the grease without taking away from the awesome taste? A clever idea from BBDO Bangkok might be the answer: The AbsorbPlate.

Check it out:

In cooperation with Thai Health Promotion Foundation, BBDO Bangkok created “AbsorbPlate,” with the aim of sucking up some of that delicious grease and allowing people to eat healthier.

As BBDO Bangkok explain:


“Hundreds of tiny holes inspired by the texture of sponge make AbsorbPlate able to separate excess oil from food before people eat it. The plate can reduce up to 7 ml of grease or approximately 30 calories per plate. The plates were designed to be easy to wash. In order to eat healthier, all they need to do is just continue their regular eating behaviour on our plate.”

Cool stuff from the folks that created the brilliant Mosquito Repellent Motorbikes.

Ad Credits

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Suthisak Sucharittanonta
Executive Creative Director: Anuwat Nitipanont
Creative Director: Pitha Udomkanjananan
Art Director: Nattagorn Thairattanasuwan
Copywriter: Manamai Rodpetch
Client Service Director: Vasanai Pakapongpan