Elephant Repellant Incense – Aura Launches Campaign to Address the Human-Elephant Conflict

TBWA\\Sri Lanka Colombo for D’Las International “Aura Incense Barricade”

The human-elephant conflict is an increasingly significant concern across Sri Lanka, claiming approximately 70 human lives and 300 elephant lives per year, in addition to thousands of homes and crops being destroyed.

As part of a campaign effort to mitigate the ongoing issue, Auru incense has partnered with TBWA\Sri Lanka and the Wildlife Department of Sri Lanka to launch the Aura ‘Aliya’ (meaning Elephant) incense stick, designed to repel elephants. The product was tested over a three-year period and recently launched in the market.


“The solution to create an invisible barricade with the ‘Aliya’ incense stick was a result of understanding of the behavioral routines of the villagers and elephants,” said Renuka Marshall, Managing Director TBWA\Sri Lanka.

“The villagers pray early in the morning and in the evenings, with incense sticks, hoping for a peaceful existence. It was found this was also the time the elephants traveled into the village. With elephants having a very high sense of smell, the opportunity to create a product that fitted into the villagers daily lives made absolute sense.”


The ‘Aliya’ incense stick combines five non-toxic, natural elephant repelling ingredients – ginger, lemongrass, citronella, palmarosa, and patchouli.

The ‘Aliya’ will burn up to 5½ hours and is designed to emit a fragrance parallel to the ground for a minimum radius of 20 meters. Elephants sense the fragrance from afar and maintain a safe distance from the village, said the brand.

“These efforts continue to keep both elephants and humans separate and safe, something we’re all very proud of,” added Marshall.


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