Elderly Thai Rockers Go Viral with Their First Video Release

The first music video of the Bangkok-based band, “Bennetty,” with members as old as 86, has gone viral and is turning the perception of rockers on its head.

The five-piece group is made up of members aged 64 to 86 years old and one female dancer who gracefully dances through a deserted hospital’s Internal Medicine wing with grace and poise.

The dancer, Professor Pornat Damrung is a former theatrical professor at Chulalongkorn University who retired in 2015.


In the video for the song, “Jood Derm”, which translates to “Back to Square One”, opens with the line “Life and death are not scary things. The scary thing is letting your dreams die.”

One of the more notable verses translates to, “When you go back to square one, you’ve lost nothing more than love and tears. When pain fades away and you’re back to square one, you find that something is so beautiful once you look back.”

The video was created by advertising agency Choojai and promotes the idea that “dreams don’t get old”.

There are plans to release more videos following the lives of each member.

Diana Gadong

Diana Gadong

Diana is a staff writer based out of Manila.

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