Duterte Lashes out at US Again: ‘Son of a bitch, do not make us your dogs’

Before boarding a plan for meetings in Japan, The Philippine’s eternally charming president Rodrigo Duterte had more words for his American ally to a group of gathered reporters attending a press conference.

“You know I didn’t start this fight. They started it,” Duterte said, referring to comments about his human rights record that have been criticized by the US government. “They started it, then came out the issue of human rights, the State Department, Obama, EU. They did this to me. Then they said, we will cut our assistance. So I said to them, ‘son of a bitch, do not make us your dogs, as if I am a dog with a leash, and you throw some bread, where I can’t reach.'”

Duterte seemed especially peeved at US Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg, who he previously called, a “gay son of a bitch”.


“The ambassador said something not very nice. You are not supposed to do that because in an election of another country, you should be careful with your mouth.”

Cue violins…