Durex Offers Foreplay Education Through Digital Gaming in the Asia Pacific

“This presents a unique opportunity to use gaming as a tool for educating and engaging individuals on finger stimulation techniques.”

Durex has partnered with its creative agency BLKJ Havas to launch the Durex ForePlay campaign, comprising a series of gaming tutorials to educate audiences in Asia Pacific on finger stimulation.

Not just the gaming kind, if you haven’t yet picked up on that through no fault of your innocence, esteemed reader.

As a brand that stands for sexual pleasure for all, Durex says it has entered the gaming world, “a place where finger movements are key to winning, just as they are to great bedroom performance,” it said in a release.


The campaign includes online tutorials inspired by the detailed finger movements of iconic online games. “These gaming tutorials leverage mainstream interest and engagement with well-loved games, functioning as exercises for both gamers and non-gamers to become adept at foreplay and finger stimulation.”

This campaign, initiated by BLKJ Havas, addresses an opportunity to increase knowledge around foreplay in Asia Pacific, following on the heels of Durex research that found approximately two-thirds of respondents (76%) would like their partners to be better at foreplay, including fingering, says the brand.

Through a familiar activity, such as gaming, the campaign aims to facilitate open and constructive conversations around foreplay education, and build widespread education around a less- frequently discussed topic in the region.


The tutorials have been launched in the Philippines, and will be progressively rolled out across Asia Pacific, with the launch in Indonesia planned for early May.

“Pressure and movement play a crucial role in foreplay, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. While there are various tools and techniques that couples can use to enhance their finger skills, Durex has introduced an innovative approach,” said Dr. Martha Tara Lee, relationship counsellor and clinical sexologist.

“Gaming has gained popularity and has become a daily activity for many people. This presents a unique opportunity to use gaming as a tool for educating and engaging individuals on finger stimulation techniques. Not only can it be an effective way to teach and engage people, but it can also help break down any stigma or discomfort around discussing sexual health and pleasure.”

The campaign was launched as part of the #ComeTogether platform by Durex, which is a broader movement that aims to close the pleasure gap in the region. The #ComeTogether platform and its campaigns have been met with industry acclaim for creatively shedding light on important issues around the pleasure gap and sexual education, which are typically considered taboo topics in the region.

“In the APAC region, conversations around sexual pleasure and intimacy are still very much a cultural taboo, and one that is barely tabled,” said Fiona Huang, General Manager, BLKJ Havas.

“To remain mindful of broader societal comfort levels and mainstream communications context, yet stay faithful in engaging audiences, we leveraged creativity to drive conversations in a tasteful yet relatable way. It gives us great pleasure (no pun intended) to collaborate with a brand that meaningfully use its platform to champion and lend visibility to an underrated yet crucial matter – around sexual health and sexual pleasure for all.”


Agency: BLKJ Havas
Production House: Reel Loco Productions

Client: Durex (Reckitt Benckiser)

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