Durex Japan Ads for ‘Real Love’ Brand – A Kama Sutra Smackdown [SFW]

[su_heading size=”20″]A newly-released two-minute video put together by Durex Japan to promote their Real Love line of condoms is…interesting.[/su_heading]

Durex Japan’s Real Love condom line has recently released a two-minute web film that demonstrate Japanese kama sutra –between two wrestlers. The clip opens with a man and a woman walking into what appears to be a wrestling ring. Apparently to fight.

The viewer quickly clues in that this is not the case as the two proceed to “wrestle” themselves into different kama sutra positions.


The UK company first made it’s entrance into the Japanese market in 2003. The company’s ad campaign at that time (one featuring the British ad the “Sperm Men“) made the subject of sex in their ads like casual dinner talk. A new concept for the Japanese public at that time –at least publicly.


Here is another in the Durex Japan Real Love branding series.


You can visit Durex Japan on the web at www.durex.com


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