Durex Condoms on the Brain – New Ad from Durex India

The Durex condom company makes some of the most interesting ads out there. This one is no different.

You have of course heard of “sex on the brain.” This print ad by Creativeland Asia, Mumbai for Durex India, has constructed some sort of condom on the brain situation –or so we have conjectured.

Granted, with some of the things that people spew out of their mouths at times, perhaps a condom on the head is not a bad idea.


We digress. This is why we write about ads and not actually write ads perhaps. The tagline by Durex is “Feel Deep Inside.” That’s a good one.

Durex Condoms feel deep inside

Ad Credits


Advertising Agency: Creativeland Asia, Mumbai, India
Creative Director:Sajan Raj Kurup, Anu Joseph
Art Director:Rruta Naik
Copywriter:Sajan Raj Kurup, Anu Joseph
Illustrator:Krzysztof Hrycak

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Durex Japan Ads – A Kama Sutra Smackdown [SFW]

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