Drunk Driving Message to Youth in China – Talk to Your Future Self

Young people sometimes just don’t listen. How do we know? Because that was the way we were, right?

Looking for a creative way to have a conversation with China’s youth about the dangers of drunk driving, Anheuser-Busch InBev partnered with BBH China to create a campaign where the person delivering the important message is actually you – from the future.

The creative idea of the campaign revolves around a young driver’s ‘future self’ persuading him not to drive drunk after a night partying with his friends.


In a 90-second film we see up-and-coming actor Zhang Yishan getting his car keys grabbed by a stranger who he then chases through an imaginary journey where he is transported into his future as a basketball player; a lead singer; finally meeting the girl of his dreams.

All things that he would miss if he made the mistake of driving drunk and destroying the future him.

Check it out:


“This idea was sparked by the fact that in China, you are legally excluded from a number of surprising and attractive opportunities if you have a criminal record of drink-driving,” said Arthur Tsang, Chief Creative Officer, BBH China.

“We wanted to depart from the category norms of injury and death, which frankly young people are sick of hearing and believe it will never happen to them personally. Instead, we focus our Drink Driving campaign on the loss of something much closer to their hearts – their own brilliant future.”


Client: Harbin Beer
Business Lead:
Executive Chairman: Arto Hampartsoumian
Managing Partner: Elvis Li

Creative team:
Chief Creative Officer: Arthur Tsang
Executive Creative Director: Yinbo Ma
Creative Director: Cathy Chao, Issac Ku
Senior Copywriter: Blu Wang, CK Shan
Senior Art Director: Anfia Lin

Account team:
Group Account Director: Scarlett Xi
Account Manager: Yineng Li
Account Executive: Yvaine Wang

Planning Director: Matt Nolan
Planner: Hubert Mou

Agency Executive Producer: Weisian Lee

Production house: A Newlife Films 心生活
Director: Steven Chen
Production House Producer: Megan Chen (Executive Producer)

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