Drunk Driving Campaign in China Reminds Drivers ‘Alchool Affcets Your Mental Conidtion’

Serviceplan China has created a print campaign for Lotus cars warning people not to drink and drive.

The “Don’t drink and drive“ Lotus print ads were launched across social media, Weibo and Wechat as social posters, during the spring festival in China, where drinking alcohol is usually part of festivities and family gatherings.

The ads were created to remind people how important it is not to drink and drive. While that seems an obvious thing, people, sadly, still need to be reminded. The creative team used overlapped cars to show that alcohol would possibly make you unable to estimate the right distance and position while driving


“We decided to base the print ads around a physiological phenomenon: when you read a wrong sentence with misspelled words, your eyes and brain will execute an auto-correction to allow you to understand the full sentence, and you won’t feel anything wrong at all,” said Serviceplan China’s Chief Creative Officer Chong Kin.

“And it’s exactly what you feel after drinking: “there’s nothing wrong with me“. So these print ads were designed to illustrate how important it is to understand that alcohol can confuse your senses and cloud your judgment, and therefore it is not advisable to drink and drive.”



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