Dove’s 10 vs 10 Campaign Highlights Troubling Anti-Aging Skincare Trend

“When Did 10 Stop Looking Like 10?”


A new film developed by Ogilvy Sydney in conjunction with Ogilvy UK,  carries the tagline ‘ When did 10 stop looking like 10?’. The 10 vs 10 campaign is the second wave of the influencer-led #TheFaceof10 project launched earlier this year which aims to draw attention to the increase in ten-year-old girls engaging with anti-ageing trends.

Both the online film and static executions feature the stark contrast between carefree ten-year-olds unaffected by the pressures of adult skincare content, and those already carrying out anti-ageing skincare routines on social media.

The film carries a call to action to watch Dove’s TikTok Anti-Ageing Skin Care Talk providing tools for parents to shield young girls from harmful anti-aging content.



“Girls as young as 10 are being exposed to harmful social media content, pressuring them to adopt unnecessary anti-aging skincare regimes,” said Ogilvy Sydney ECD Bridget Jung.

“This not only damages their skin, but also their self-esteem. We wanted to start a conversation by asking the world one simple question: When did 10 stop looking like 10?  What I love most about 10vs10, is how confronting it is in its simplicity. The final execution has remained true to what we very first presented.


That’s the power of a good idea. It’s been a brilliant collaboration between our Sydney & London offices to bring this campaign to life. I couldn’t be happier with the result.”



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