Dove Partners with Epic Games to Challenge the Representation of Women in Games

Dove and LOLA MullenLowe created a series of avatars inspired by real women that portray a diverse mix of real beauty.

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Dove is partnering with Epic Games to level up the virtual world in a campaign via LOLA MullenLowe that challenges the representation of women in games.

According to Dove: “Together with our partners – Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and Women in Games, we’ll work to train game creators, developers and artists all around the world to create a broader representation of women in gaming and to help reflect the diversity we see in everyday life.”

The campaign cites statistics that gaming has become the number one form of entertainment for teen girls in the US, with 83% saying that they play video games in their spare time – 60% of them before the age of 10.


But, Done noted on its campaign website, that “when it comes to a diverse representation of women and girls, the industry is falling short.”

New research from Dove, co-published with the NGO Women in Games and the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR), found that “these unrealistic beauty standards in the gaming industry make girl gamers feel misrepresented,” adding that “74% of girls wish more female characters in games looked like women in real life, while 62% of women feel misrepresented in gaming.”

“The representation of women in gaming platforms, products and services has long been an issue,” explains Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO, Women in Games.


“As activists, Women in Games has a key objective to support women and young girls in the games industry, and those who play games, so we are delighted to see Dove and allies in the games industry tackle this with the introduction of the Real Virtual Beauty Library and the Real Beauty in Games Training Program, as well as the launch of SuperU Story. What’s so important here is that the innovative tools, and training reach the target audience, where there is the opportunity to make a real impact. Women in Games are resolutely behind supporting that to happen.”

Dove and Epic Games are launching the Real Virtual Beauty character art collection which is dedicated to broadening the representation and increasing inclusivity in gaming.

“We’re building a global character art collection that appropriately represents female characters in gaming.”

“We are inviting gaming creators and developers to participate in more creative ways to express individuality, to help evolve self-representations in the avatar world,” the brand said, adding that it will “deliver a series of grants and awards to the best creators, to help fund and expand their work.”

Julie Lottering, director of Unreal Engine Education, added.“Our goal with the training course is to educate game developers on the research that’s available so artists understand why representation in game design matters, and also to teach artists how to use the tools and techniques available to create more authentic characters so all players feel empowered to have fun with friends.”

You can learn more about the initiative here.


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