DoubleVerify Launches DV Transparency Center

The company said it looks to open the ‘black box’ of digital media verification by providing comprehensive educational resources, tackling industry misconceptions, and shedding light on trending topics.

DoubleVerify has launched DV Transparency Center – a new educational portal designed to “augment understanding and trust in media verification by providing greater insight and clarity into DV’s technology and measurement solutions.,” the brand announced.

The launch coincides with Cannes Lions 2024, added DoubleVerify saying that it highlights its commitment to driving industry education.

The DV Transparency Center serves as a resource for advertisers, agencies, and other industry partners, offering comprehensive educational materials that clarify the intricacies of digital ad verification and the wider measurement space.


This at at a time, said DV, when transparency is more crucial than ever.

“It’s time to break open the perceived “black box” and take on some of the misperceptions surrounding the digital ad space. Trust and transparency are foundational to a robust and thriving digital ecosystem,” said Dan Slivjanovski, DoubleVerify CMO and leader of Industry Education at the company.

“With the DV Transparency Center, our goal is to equip our partners with the knowledge they need to maximize the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology and navigate the dynamic digital advertising landscape more effectively.”

“As brands navigate a hyper-political environment, brand safety and transparency become even more top of mind for marketers,” added Deva Bronson, EVP, Global Head of Brand Assurance at dentsu Media.


“We are proud to partner with DoubleVerify, and support their commitment to advancing industry transparency.”

Also, DoubleVerify said it is expanding its educational outreach by partnering with key industry players The AdTech Forum, a Marketecture Media company, and U of Digital, a leading educational platform for the adtech sector.

“DoubleVerify’s leadership in verification is well-established, and their commitment to advancing industry knowledge through the DV Transparency Center aligns very well with our goals,” said Jeremy Bloom, Co-founder of Marketecture Media.

“We are excited to collaborate with a partner who prioritizes education and transparency in digital advertising.”

“Education is crucial in digital advertising, and DoubleVerify recognizes that,” added Shiv Gupta, Founder of U of Digital. “Investing in educational initiatives sets a strong example for how, through learning, companies can contribute to the ongoing growth and improvement of the fast-evolving ad tech space.”

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