Dolce & Gabbana Accused of Racism Over Ad Campaign in China

Dolce & Gabbana has stirred up anger with its “DG Loves China” campaign that some charge belittles Chinese culture and depicts Chinese women in a racist way.

Posted on social media platform Weibo to promote its upcoming runway show in Shanghai, shows a Chinese model wearing D&G dress having difficulty eating Italian food like pizza with chopsticks. There is also a bit of sexual innuendo when the voice of a male narrator asks “is it too huge for you?”


According to Jing Daily:

Many social media users in China labeled this video stereotypical, racist and disrespectful for Asian female upon its release. The anger has spread so quickly across the platform that Dolce & Gabbana deleted the post featuring the video less than 24 hours after its release (a move that seemingly addressed concerns by some they had launched a bad-taste campaign on purpose.)

That did little to temper anger as the term “Boycott Dolce” was been discussed over 18,000 times on Weibo said Jing Daily.  Some users have asked that an apology to be issued—in both Chinese and English.