Ditch the Dating List of Requirements says Coffee Meets Bagel Campaign in Hong Kong & Singapore

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel has launched #DitchTheList campaign, encouraging people to reconsider their dating criteria, and ditch whatever list of requirements they have for the ideal partner.

The campaign features to interview films with people from Singapore and Hong Kong and is based on a survey by CMB that found the average dater in Singapore has over 24 must-haves and dealbreakers when it comes to choosing their future partners. And yet, 96% end up with someone they didn’t expect.



Hong Kong

Along with the films, the campaign includes a series of OOH ads that highlights some of the survey’s findings, such as one ad that reads “Just 15% of women on CofeeMeetsBagel are diehard fans of your favourite football team. But 72% will stay up late to watch a match with you.”

“Rather than being more stringent and heap on more expectations, look for partners who embody the values which encourage long-term stability instead,” said dating expert Cherlyn Chong.


“And surprisingly, it usually isn’t the person that you hit it off with right away, but the person you get to know gradually and eventually like,” she added.

Dawoon Kang, chief dating officer at CMB, added that  91% of its users are looking for a serious relationship.

“This translates offline, with 96% of CMB daters intending to go on dates with matches, and more than half reporting that their first dates often lead to second dates,” said Kang.

AKA Asia created the campaign in Singapore and the Hong Kong campaign was created by Plug Agency.