Disposing of a Package with an Image of God no Easy Task

In India, it’s a common practice to use images of gods on incense packets and other ritual materials to increase their sales. For the devotees who purchase them, it’s quite the dilemma afterwards –how can one simply throw away something featuring gods?

Many people immerse them in the river, put them under trees –anything but placing them in with the garbage. This creates an excess of harm to the environment.

Don't Throw away gods India


To help with the dilemma, in a market where religious materials are part of an estimated $30 billion market, Dentsu Webchutney and Helpusgreen have developed a new range of incense packaging that uses a seed paper.

After using the incense, the user need simply plant the packet in a pot and in a few days, be greeted by a Tulsi plant -a type of basil- which enriches the environment with Oxygen and absorbs other pollutants –far better than traditional paper or plastic packaging.

The quite clever campaign is called “Sow, don’t throw!” Check it out:


Credits –
Chief Creative Technologist: Gurbaksh Singh
Copywriter: Akshay Anand
Senior Visualizer: Minnie Jain
Video Editor: Akshay Raheja
Additional Credits: Moosa Khan, Prince Kumar

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