Director Mike Oldershaw joins electriclimefilms

    Oldershaw has been directing for 13 years across various forms of media.

    By Harold Henry - Apr 23, 2021
    Director Mike Oldershaw joins electriclimefilms

    Director Mike Oldershaw has joined boutique film house electriclimefilms. Based in Australia and New Zealand, Oldershaw has a background in Theatre and Film.

    He has worked on several major campaigns for brands such as Nestle, Dominion Breweries, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Frito-Lay, Cadbury, Fisher & Paykel, and AA Insurance.

    Starting out as a runner, Oldershaw worked his way up to casting director before taking the leap into directing.

    “I always wanted to act,” said Oldershaw.

    “I studied it at university, but when I got out I realized you spend a lot of time not working as an actor. I eventually got a job as a runner for a big production company and that set me on the path.”

    Drawing inspiration from films, videos, and TV, he has been directing stories for various media platforms, from traditional thirty-second TVC’s, to long format viral content, for about 13 years.

    “The challenges that I like are the fact that every job is different,” said Oldershaw on the most challenging part of being a director. “This is why I like working in commercials so much.”

    View director Oldershaw’s work here. Learn more about electriclimefilms here.

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