Diesel Launches Experiential Campaign in Shanghai

Diesel unveiled their new capsule collection, Diesel | Pronounce, with the launch of an experiential campaign in Shanghai. Along with MediaMonks, the content practice of S4Capital, the brand created an in-store experience that aims to connect audiences to storytelling, while embracing and solidifying Chinese fashion.

Diesel utilized projection-mapping installations to celebrate the fusion of Chinese fashion and Italian craftsmanship. The artwork was projected onto a V-shaped structure measuring 50m2 and generated in real-time to make for an ever-changing experience.

The second installation projected Diesel’s mood film onto drapes of different lengths and widths—making an indoor waterfall of fabrics.


MediaMonks handled all aspects of the experiential campaign from creative concept, space design, content creation, software development, to fabrication, and construction. The 10-day exhibition opened with a party on Day 1 and was then free and open to the public for the rest of the duration.

“Diesel|Pronounce is a blending of two unique fashion worlds,” said Tianwei Wang, Senior Producer, MediaMonks Shanghai. “Diesel is a denim focused global fashion brand with a long history. Pronounce is a budding fresh collective. It is the East meeting the West, amalgamating together into something truly spectacular.”

The use of fabric is ubiquitous throughout the exhibition. Knowing fluidity and watermarks are the core inspiration behind the collection, the campaign made smart use of the same fabric as the projection surface at the entrance but also to decorate the space.


The team at MediaMonks dressed up the existing columns in the space with the fabric draping from the ceiling to the floor, creating a fluid waterfall shape. The collection pieces are hung on top of the fabric with invisible cables.

“We want to explore this merging of the East and West in a visual way that takes our guests along the journey to understand the significance of the Diesel|Pronounce collection,” said Marula Vazquez, Experiential Creative Director, MediaMonks.

“We celebrate the collaboration by visually awing consumers with an immersive visual experience that speaks to the merging of Diesel and Pronounce and the East and the West. At the same time, we showcase the collection in a way that celebrates what the outcome of this mergence is and we give the designers the space they deserve to shine.”

“We created real-time generative animation in code for the projection, using the colors from the collection, mimicking the movement of water and colors in traditional Chinese watercolor painting,” added Wang.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a massive 50sqm immersive V-shaped structure that houses the main fluid projection. The audience’s role is to step on top of a podium shaped in the “dp” logo and peek their heads through two small openings into the V shape to experience the visuals inside the worlds of Diesel|Pronounce merging together.

“With only 4 short weeks of production time, we were able to quickly rework the concept to fit the new space and bring to life the experience that the thousands now get to see and enjoy. Diesel created something more experiential while interpreting commercial element with the collection,” Ramzi Chaabane, Head of Business & Strategy, MediaMonks Shanghai.

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