DHL Global Appoints Charles Kaufmann as CEO North Asia

Charles Kaufmann will now oversee the operations of DHL Global Forwarding in North Asia as the Chief Executive Officer. The North Asian Market, which includes Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan, will be under Kaufmann, though he will continue reporting to Kelvin Leung, who is currently the CEO of DHL Global Forwarding for all Asia Pacific.

“North Asia’s exports have become a major engine of growth for the global economy: exports from both South Korea and Taiwan have hit all-time highs in 2014, driven by key industries like consumer electronics and automobiles that demand safe, timely and industry-unique logistics solutions to stay competitive,” Leung stated.

“For emerging markets like Mongolia, where foreign investments have hit consistent highs of US$16 billion (Euro 14 billion) per quarter since mid-2014, core export industries –like mining, which accounts for nearly 90 percent of all export revenues in 2014– will require scalable and high-volume logistics networks to reach their full potential,” he added.  


The CEO for Asia Pacific added, “Covering a range of economies from primary industry producers to highly sophisticated technology and services markets, North Asia demands highly nuanced approaches to trade and logistics. Charles is an experienced leader with a proven track record representing DHL in North Asia. With his in-depth knowledge of the region, we are confident that he will be able to lead the next wave of growth for us.”

Charles Kaufmann has nearly 40 years in the logistics industry, primarily in North Asia. He was CEO for Japan and Korea before becoming CEO for North Asia Pacific in 2011. A year after, he became the Head of Air Freight and Value Added Services in DHL Global Forwarding Asia Pacific. He is also on the Asia Pacific Management Board for DHL Global Forwarding.

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