Desperados Collaborates with Emerging Artists on new Campaign Via Serviceplan France

Image via Serviceplan

The new Desperados campaign ‘Mix of Flavours’ highlights the brand’s commitment to art and street culture by putting 8 emerging artists in the spotlight. The artists were discovered following a shout-out on the brand’s Instagram account about the project.

Desperados, which is part of the Heineken group, aims to give new talents with varied backgrounds and experience the opportunity to create the visuals for the new advertising campaign. The campaign has been visible on billboards throughout France since mid-June. And the brand is going one step further by adapting its posters to the artists’ places of residence, so that their creations can be seen in their own towns and cities. A first!

The brief: to highlight the richness of the Desperados range; Desperados Original, Desperados Red, Desperados Virgin, Desperados Lime, Desperados Mojito, Desperados Florida, not forgetting the latest rum-flavored variant, Desperados Tropical.


The 8 artists selected – BadKid, BD.ART, Maxime Deria, Meaghan Matthews, Becky Soloclub, Tremos, Typru and Victodart – come from a wide variety of backgrounds (collage, painting, fresco, graphic design, etc.). Hailing from all over France – Annecy, Bordeaux, Marseille, Le Havre, Saint-Glen in Brittany, Paris – and even Madrid, they met during a week-long artistic residency in January at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille. This was an opportunity for the artists to meet and create together.

A partnership with Konbini enabled the work of each of these emerging artists to be showcased on social networks through portraits, interviews with Charlortte Abramov and reports on the residency.

The brand has rolled out a 100% “MIX OF FLAVORS” campaign featuring; A national poster campaign strongly supporting the 3 main variants: ORIGINAL, RED, VIRGIN; A scheme on the Paris Metro highlighting all the flavours in the range; and a local poster campaign enabling each artist to see their portrait displayed alongside their creation in their home town.



Client : Desperados (Heineken Group)

Title : Desperados ‘Mix of Flavours’

Agency : Serviceplan France

Creative Director : Hervé Poupon

Creative Director : Jean-Philippe Dubois

Art Director : Alexandra Bergy

Art Director : Louis Behague

Agency Managers: Stéphane Perrot, Joséphine Thill, Federico Seguin

Media agency : Starcom

Photographer : Daniel Scheizer

Artists : Maxime Deria, Meaghan Matthews, Becky Soloclub, BadKid, Typru, BD.ART, Victodart, Tremos.

Art Buyer: Audrey Herrmann

Advertiser Managers : Fabien Besse, Delphine Fontaine, Léa Gidell

All images provided via Serviceplan


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