Design Agency Re Lays Out AI Principles with a User’s Guide to Making Friends With AI

Design agency Re, which is part of M&C Saatchi Group, has launched a set of six principles to navigate its future use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Launched by CEO Patrick Guerrera, the principles were done in consultation with the global leadership team to address what Guerrera views as a way to stay on the front foot in a rapidly changing landscape.

“Our goal at Re is to help our clients take advantage of the incredible potential of AI, to support human creativity in designing truly distinct brands and experiences,” said Guerrera.


“These principles are our way of staying on the front-foot as we move into this exciting new era.”

Re, describes the initiative on its website as such: “In a world where AI is part of everyday life, our challenge as designers is to balance the desire to embrace the new, with the need to proceed consciously and with purpose. These principles are our first pass at finding that happy equilibrium.”

The AI principles:

1. Prioritise people over outputs
Real representation matters.

2. Take inspiration but never imitate
It’s not cool to copy someone else’s work.


3. Be transparent about the use of AI
We always disclose the use of AI where it’s central to the creative output.

4. Use AI to support creativity, not replace it
We believe AI operates in the service of human creativity.

5. Be aware of the biases in AI and strive to overcome them
We never take AI at face value.

6. Take steps to stay protected
Only fools rush in.

According to the agency, it’s their aim to review and update the principles regularly and they encourage people to reach out if they are interested in how they apply to their business.

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